Networking done differently! How to invigorate your business with LinkedIn to prep for a booming 2020

By Carolin Hyzyk

Are you struggling to utilise digital networking opportunities for your business effectively? What does success look like for you?  Calls? Footfall? Leads? Sales? Right Brand Positioning ? Awareness?

Helping hundreds of businesses like yours, our team’s proven strategies, processes and tools successfully drive brand awareness, boost valuable leads and empower sustainable growth for your business.

If you’re a savvy digital enthusiast in the business community, you must be loving the amazing benefits of LinkedIn right now. What? Your profile is outdated as you only use it for recruitment and the odd business connections here are there? Well, read on and wise up on how LinkedIn is a vital B2B marketing channel, one that can help you gear up for a flourishing 2020.

Since its launch back in 2003, LinkedIn has steadily evolved from being a professional B2B networking and recruitment site, into a sophisticated content platform and lead generator. Figures from June 2019 confirm LinkedIn now has over 630 million registered users across 200 countries. That’s a lot of B2B leads your business is potentially missing out on.  According to, when compared against a business’s other social media use, LinkedIn generates up to 97% of a business’s social media leads.

To grow your business via LinkedIn you have to smarten up. Do you need to overhaul your company page? How about your personal account, or those of your core employees? Before connecting and publishing great content on LinkedIn, assure to gear up! Draw attention to your business for the right reasons; make meaningful connections, create compelling content and get those conversions making a beeline for your business page. If structured correctly, your LinkedIn company page will drive traffic directly to your website.

Connect & Converse

Long coveted by headhunters and Business Development Executives, one of LinkedIn’s strongest traits is the power of locating, connecting and building relationships with highly relevant and qualified leads.

Invest time, follow the right movers and shakers for your sector, key business influencers, trade journalists or publications, industry associations. Search for key people, talent and content relevant to your sector to locate relevant articles or check out trending posts. Make it your mission to get involved in the community by commenting on posts daily, offering valuable insight, feedback or by sharing further questions. Don’t just create a token comment for the sake of it – actively immerse yourself in the conversation.  Aim for 50 or more interactions daily and you’ll soon start to see results as business contacts lean forward and start to notice you. 

Create. Don’t just spectate!

LinkedIn’s organic reach is astounding. BUT, just like many other social media channels ‘content is king’.  To capitalise on this, you must publish credible, upbeat, entertaining content and not just comment on that of others.   

Write articles, produce authentic video content and, if suitable for your business, take a look into podcasts. Register your interest for LinkedIn Live, the new live streaming service currently being piloted by LinkedIn. This could be especially powerful if you have an important product launch or event coming up, as you will be able to give your contacts direct insight into your business and happenings. Create excitement around your brand and broadcast video content to your network in real time.

Just also remember to think QUALITY and not QUANTITY. The content you produce should have a valid reason for being output, touching your audience’s pain points, wishes and interests. It should engage, build trust and drive potential sales or leads to your website. Think less about selling your individual products, avoid spammy, salesy messages at all costs, and focus more on establishing your businesses reputation, whilst building relationships of trust.  Your efforts revolve around the right brand positioning and brand perception. Believe it or not, this could be one of the most effective marketing strategies you’ll ever initiate! Get started and prepped up for expanding your business network, your pool of talents and opportunities – so you can grow your business sustainable.

If you have any questions on how to get rolling, want to share an idea, or if you need a helping hand, simply reach out to us and we can have a chat!