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Keen is an award-winning communications agency that helps brands tell their stories, find their voice, transform and hit targets. We deliver creative public relations campaigns that cut through the noise and get our clients seen and heard online, on social media, in newspapers, on radio and on TV.


Named Malta’s Agency of the Year in 2020 by Ad World Masters, we work with public, private and charity brands to tell stories that make people care. Our experienced team delivers support to clients in Malta and beyond with their established network of journalists and media houses.


We’ll help your business win the hearts, minds, trust and loyalty of your target audience and the community in which you operate, with strategically-designed Public Relations campaigns.

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We exist to help brands think differently, be more influential and connect with people. Our Public Relations services are wide-ranging and varied, and our industry experts help find your brand’s story and share it in an impactful way.


No matter the size of your organization and the industry in which you operate, public relations should be an integral part of your overall business strategy. In the era of globalisation and instant communication, your brand cannot operate within a vacuum, and that’s why Public Relations should be taken seriously and given due time, budget and effort.


We come on board as partners of choice and craft intricate corporate communications strategies based on your brand’s values and aimed at your target audience. At Keen, we have the contacts, relationships, ambition and creative skills needed to get your message out there.

We come on board as partners of choice and craft intricate corporate communications strategies based on your brand’s values and aimed at your target audience.
We treat Public Relations not only as a key element within the marketing mix, but also as a core business function that determines your future success. To us, Public Relations is the culmination of efforts and activities to produce goodwill with the public and stakeholders, as well as to promote and protect your brand and its key identifiers.

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Public Relations Strategy

From conceptualization, through planning, preparation, organization all the way to execution and analysis, our public relations strategy development programme takes a holistic look at your company with the end goal of creating an executable roadmap to maintain, improve and protect your public image.


Media Relations

Levering our relationships with media houses, our team will work hand in hand with your organization to craft, submit and promote your story to the widest relevant audience possible. Our Media Relations Service include press releases, press conference organization, advertorials, testimonial acquisition, link building and listing opportunities, amongst others. We also research keywords, trends and emerging topics which are compatible with your brand and fill in those content gaps.


Community Outreach

No company, brand or organization can operate within a vacuum, and so winning the favour of the local and international community in which you operate should always be a priority. We help you reach out in a plethora of ways, from participation in trade events, to influencer outreach, branded collaborations, sponsorships, guerilla marketing and loyalty programme development. Wherever your operation has a touchpoint with the public, we’ll be there to optimize it.


Executive Positioning & Opinion Leadership

Keen works with ambitious brands, helping them find their voice in an increasingly noisy world. Cutting through the clutter many a time means placing yourself as an opinion leader within your designated field. We help you achieve that status by finding and submitting your brand to initiatives, awards, associations and gaining recognition through guest appearances on TV, Radio and their online equivalents. We help you stand out on your own channels too by producing top quality content that’ll place you at the very top of your industry.


Stakeholder Relations & Ghostwriting

Putting your best foot forward every step of the way is what elevates your brand’s reputation and gives off the best possible impression. Whether You need content for your social media, speech writing, press releases or want to reach out to your stakeholders by organizing a conference, designing an end of year report, or producing some branded products, we’re there with you every step of the way!

Why PR & Content Marketing matter

What is Public Relations?

Ask a thousand people, and you’ll get a thousand different answers to this question. Here at Keen, we treat Public Relations not only as a key element within the marketing mix, but also as a core business function that determines brands’ future success.

For us, Public Relations represents the culmination of efforts and activities conducted by a company to produce goodwill with the public and their stakeholders, as well as to promote and protect the brand, and its key attributes and USP’s. By managing and influencing the public’s opinion of your organization, Public Relations is one of the widest reaching facets of corporate communication strategies.

Why Do I Need Public Relations Services in Malta?

Everything you, your business or your brand does has an effect on the people around it – whether those communities are customers, stakeholders, the general public or governmental organisations – the better the relationship you have with those audiences, the more opportunities will arise. In a small and closely-knit country like Malta, this exercise is all the more important to the successful operation of your venture. Whether reaching out for more awareness, or protecting your brand and its assets – Keen is here to help.

How can Content Marketing Services improve my business?

Content is king. It’s behind everything. The consumers experience starts long before making a purchase online, from their first google search, their first interaction with your brand. Content is fundamental to your brand presence, your website, your social appearance, your online reviews. Today, consumers are inundated with ads across multiple platforms, and yet content marketing provides cost-effective lead generation and nurturing strategy, so you can connect with your audience on a personal genuine level, building trust and convincing them to choose your products and services over others.

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