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Sharing is caring, so they say. Here at Keen, we believe in long term forward-looking relationships with our clients and one of the key facets in this regard is to empower them to make informed decisions and take control of their future strategy. 


We’re lucky to boast about having some of the best talent in the industry right here on our team. This, supported by a network of strategic partnerships all over the globe and an ever-changing roster of clients in a multitude of industries, ensures that our finger is always on the latest marketing pulse and our knowledge is second to none.


Keen produces courses that are either personally or digitally delivered, interactive and custom-made to reach your desired goal.  Our experts hail from the fields of Digital Marketing including Social Media, SEO & CRO, Design & Development, as well as from Research & Strategy, Branding, PR & Advertising, Sales and Business Consultancy.

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Why should I enrol in a Keen course?

About Keen Digital Marketing Training

Investing in yourself and your employees to market or recalibrate your business is more important than ever before. In the digital world, where the only constant is change, having control over your business’s assets, the way it operates and the way it is marketed is very valuable.


Keen has developed a series of no-nonsense, straightforward and factual courses with the aim of maximizing your return on investment. So whether you’re a proficient marketer looking to sharpen your skills, a business owner who wants to take a deep dive into the way their company operates, or want to retrain your staff to be able to take on digital marketing duties, we can help you. Not only is our training offered online, in person at your premises, or in our purpose-built classrooms; but the pacing, content and course structure are all customized to fit in with your business needs and student skill level.


And whilst we train you up to international standards, we are always right behind you and ready to extend your capabilities by integrating our in-house services with your company whenever needed. From SEO to Social Media, Digital Marketing, Branding and Web Development – We can fill in the gaps that need to outsource.   

Our Courses

What We Cover

Digital Marketing

Our Marketing experts hold both local and international degrees, industry qualifications from giants like Google, Facebook and the Digital Marketing Institute and come fully equipped with the latest and greatest industry knowledge, tips and tricks. You can base your learning according to your company or personal goals or follow one of our pre-prepared courses focusing on the fundamentals of digital marketing such as Social Media, SEO, Online Advertising, Mailshots, the sales funnel and SMART objective system.


Social Media

If you want to master your brand’s social media presence, then opting for a social media deep dive may be the right choice for you. From learning about which platforms to use, why, when and how to use them to figuring out how to come up with a content calendar, schedule that content, engage your audience and produce ads that convert time and time again. This course empowers your employees to utilise their hands-on brand knowledge and direct access to instant content, to master social connections, interactions and fuel brand credibility from within. 


Customer Experience & Sales Training

Is your sales funnel working for you? What is your customer’s experience when interacting with your brand? Do your company’s policies encourage conversions? All this and more will be analysed and discussed in our sales training programme provided by our advisory partners over at Bex. This training can not only produce a road map for a greater brand experience and sales results, but also has the potential to reveal opportunities for business growth and further enhance the efficiency of your modus operandi. 


PR, SEO and Content Marketing

Not everything you do online should be focused on sales or direct attempts at gaining and converting leads. This is especially true when it comes to Public Relations and Content Marketing. The focus here is on creating opportunities for your brand to be seen, respected and protected in the digital environment through the creation and execution of quality content placed in the right place at the right time. This course enables you to be in a position to generate organic brand awareness and traffic from non-advertised sources whilst positioning you and your brand as thought-leaders within the market.

Marketing Courses FAQs

What is the cost of these courses?

Course cost varies on how the courses are structured in terms of intensity, duration and expertise. Each course is tailored to the needs of your organisation and as such depends on the needs of you and your company. Our courses can be delivered either online or in person and are offered in group sessions or on a one to one basis for a fully tailored experience. A quotation will be provided for each course. 


Considering the content value and the potential for real bottom line impact, these courses are extremely reasonably priced, and you can also make use of a plethora of government-issued funding opportunities to significantly lower or eliminate your cost. Click here to read about funding opportunities. 

I am a beginner, can I still apply?

In short, yes! Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just taking your very first steps into the world of business and marketing, we’re here to help.


Here at Keen, our training is not a one-size-fits all solution. Our programmes and courses are tailor-made according to your brand’s needs. So whether you’re learning how to create and optimize a Facebook page or taking a deep dive into marketing intelligence and business streamlining, we’re here to help. 

What will I be able to do following a training with Keen?

We take professional development very seriously here at Keen. In fact, we encourage it for our own staff whenever we can too! 


Our instructors are internationally qualified, but our approach is personal and customized. We’ve got an array of success stories to back up our claims, and we strive for excellence every step of the way. Our courses empower you to become proficient and competent in whatever area you choose to focus on, from handling your brand’s digital media needs, to refining your company’s operating procedures. A course from Keen will give you the skills directly from industry experts to up your game! 

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