JMartans: One website serving multiple streams of customers

By Carolin Hyzyk

Some websites have one primary objective, while others have several thrusts. In fact, handling a website that needs to target different segments needs more careful planning. One such case is the JMartans website, a website that presents the innovative company that is focused on bringing avant-garde automated solutions both to the domestic and industrial markets.

The website design echoes the clean lines of seamless automation and modern technology that is revolutionising the different spheres of life. Harping of the expertise and experience of the JMartans team, the website guides the user towards accessing the respective section that is of interest to him or her.

The Home Automation pages clearly call the domestic market or the customers who are keen to have a ‘SMART’ home that is controlled from their own mobile device. Whilst highlighting different facets of home automation and tailor-made projects, the web presence nudges the visitor towards getting in contact and requesting a meeting to discuss projects.

In a similar way, the website speaks eloquently to the trade people and people from the industry when highlighting Marine Automation, Industrial Solutions and Building Automation. The information presented here is both technical and at the same time easy to digest. The website serves as the first introduction to the company which has been involved with some of the bigger industrial projects in Malta. The stringent standards upon which JMartans as a business is built can be appreciated in the Projects Gallery section, where case studies are presented about the high-profile past projects that were entrusted to JMartans.

Consultations can be quickly requested and through the whole presence, there has been careful consideration to have contact facilities. Newsletter subscription facilities are available to anyone who wants to stay up-to-date and the partners are presented with renown logos and further details.

Whilst some may argue that different segments might at times require completely different channels and websites, the JMartans website development project is one clear case where the B-2-B and B-2-C thrusts are complimenting each other and in more than one way cross-pollinating and bringing more awareness to the variety of services that the company provides in its diverse markets.