Your Business under the Microscope – Use the calm to rethink, evaluate and gear up! Help your brand to pick up swiftly and take it to new heights!

By Carolin Hyzyk

To all those business owners, directors and managers – stand tall and get to work for a greater tomorrow.

Whilst the first focus will revolve around the core operations of your business, let’s utilize the calm of the moment, even if absolutely not welcome, to do something good for the future of our companies, employees and community surrounding us.

The coronavirus crisis has wrought havoc around the world. Clearly, the main emphasis is on containing the disease itself.

But the impact on business is so significant, and the crisis is almost certain to change the way we live and work in the future. A number of companies in Malta have started advising staff to work from home in the ongoing bid to curb the coronavirus outbreak. It is hoped that keeping employees further apart from each other, will reduce the chance of the virus spreading.

How can we make the most out of this unfortunate situation and prepare our business to get back on its feet stronger than ever?  

1. Stay safe, keep your employees safe and lead by example by showing respect to one another in the community we live in and grow with.

2. Take a step back and review if your business is where you envisioned it be! Do you work with your ideal clients? Is your turnover and bottom line matching your business plan? Are you following your strategy or are you diving in unknown territory? Which obstacles are holding you back and what is working as amplifier or accelerator for your business endeavours?

3. Take the time for your valuable and vulnerable assets – your team! Who are your best employees and do they know how much you value them? Which departments need training or assistance to follow your standard operating procedures (SOP’s) better allowing your customer experience to stand out amongst your competition? And do you have all SOP’s and knowledge base in place? Now would be the time – it is an actual asset for your company – don’t underestimate it!

4.  The coronavirus crisis has fuelled a boom in online searches and online shopping in recent days. But is your company’s website looking as professional and accessible as it should be? When prospects visit your website, does it give a desired impression and does it get your brand experience across? Do you succeed in wowing, engaging and building trust so potential clients reach out to you? Does your website rank higher than your competitors on Google? Is the content on Facebook and Instagram engaging, relevant and communicating the lifestyle your audience wants to buy in? How many leads to we capture from LinkedIn? If not, now is the time to crunch some data and develop a plan of action.

5. Attention! Make online hygiene important. Just as people are being urged to improve their hygiene by washing their hands regularly, businesses should be mindful of their online hygiene. As thousands of workers log into files from home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, there’s a risk that they could increase the chance of exposure to another kind of virus, the kind that can infect corporate computer networks. Staff working from home should use a company-approved laptop or device only. Also, employees connecting through their home Wi-Fi need to ensure that they have a strong password, and be wary of clicking on suspicious links. Clear guidance on working hours, breaks and checking in to superiors facilitates a productive workflow.

6. Keep your spirits up! These are stressful times with lots of negative headlines. Stay connected, communicate with your team and tackle those weaknesses to reduce the rocks along the way. If you’re a manager, it’s crucial to keep up morale right now. Be the cheerleader for your team – there is a  brighter tomorrow and we can focus on what is in our hands.

7. Learning Curve – prepare for crisis. The current coronavirus pandemic is unlikely to be a one-off. Planning ahead for the next crisis now will be much more effective than an ad hoc response when the next outbreak hits. Companies have to consider what they’ve learned from the coronavirus crisis so that they can reflect and implement these in their plans for the future.

Stay safe and steer forward stronger than ever – after the storm! And if you do have any questions, we are glad to assist along the way!