Sales Targets wail for a fruitful Mix of Marketing Efforts – But how to decide what’s more important?

By Carolin Hyzyk

If you feel that your allocated Marketing budget and resources don’t drive the desired success and you are struggling with customer retention or missing out on converting window shoppers to customers – it’s time to suss out your Marketing Mix.

Get a coffee and let’s furnish you with a simple 3-step process which will empower you to take better decisions for your business and elevate your bottom line.

Identify Your Challenges 

The first and most essential step is to identify the stages of the sales funnel which bear the challenges and opportunities you need to tackle.

If you are focussing your time and money on search ads, driving brand awareness and getting new customers to your website but you actually realise that this new traffic doesn’t turn into sales, your attention needs to be drawn to the keyword set and targeting, competitor analysis and Conversion Optimisation. The key target is to attract prospects which are willing and capable to purchase your solution whilst providing them with a user-friendly and mobile-optimised web portal which makes it easy to conclude a purchase, possibly even incentivise and personalise to prepare for a recurrent buying.

So what’s your key focus? At which stage are you struggling? Do prospects know your company exists and what services or products you are offering? Is it the initial web visit? Do first time clients return and do users actually purchase or inquire? Finally, how many loyal customers do you have and does the client retention increase or decrease?

The answers to these question will give you a good indication what to focus on and respectively how budget, resources and energy should be allocated. There are suitable Digital Marketing Solutions for any stage and technology thankfully originates new opportunities every day. Did you look into community building, valuable content and email marketing, app advertising, product/service complementation or referral systems lately? If you need a hand, we walk you through.

Verify Impact on Objectives 

Having set the sail, it’s time to validate if your efforts are actually seizing your focus. We believe that one of the most valuable improvements technology has brought in recent years, is data and the opportunity to measure success, analyse user behaviour and crunch numbers to plan and adapt tasks and budgets to optimise your ROI.

Did you ever check if your created content drives leads or is shared on social channels? Do people from your new search campaign actually buy or enquire? Does your content reach a broad enough audience and what results the traffic in? Does the keyword set from your SEO efforts drive valuable traffic and enough it?

Data insights empower you to take founded decisions for your action points and Strategic Marketing Planning. So if your auditing process confirms that your tactics positively impact your initial sales funnel problems, move forward to adjust your marketing mix.

Tune your Resource Allocation

After haven taken steering decisions based on essential data, it is important to review the monetary and human resources allocated to specific marketing efforts and where an adaptation may be required to pursue your objectives.

If your content creates valuable leads but you spend 50% of your resources on display ad management, it is recommended to re-allocate more team members on valuable Content Creation and leave ads run with weekly review.
A big point to take into consideration is that budget and human resources need to be a part of this adjustment process to work successfully. One concluding recommendation: Tracking your efforts and obtaining data are key to make essential strategic decisions for your business therefore always assure that things are set up well.

Do you feel, you struggle on the right allocation of your resources and strategic marketing plan for the upcoming business year? Don’t hesitate, we’d be glad to be a part of this exciting journey – Let’s meet up.