Let your hair down!

By John

Just right on the verge of summer, the team at Keen was busy putting the finishing touches of the Xlendi WaterSports website.

The website’s design evoking the feeling of ‘fresh’ and ‘summer fun’ was prepared in order to catapult the site visitor into visualising the experience of water sports that Xlendi WaterSports provides from its base on the jetty in Xlendi bay.

Naturally such an enterprise, is engaged in seasonal business because water sports is a summer activity that is normally available from the month of April to the month of September. In terms of business objectives this means that the website has to work harder in order to captivate and hold the interest, instill motivation and desire for such an experience even during the winter months, which is also a time when people are researching new destinations and holidays.

At Keen this was done by making sure that the graphical appeal of the visuals along with the photos speak louder than words. In fact, this is one of those websites where the unique value proposition of the business comes out not through pages of text but via strong pictures that help the customer imagine what his or her memories will be like if he or she opts to join Xlendi Watersports for some summer fun and more thrilling adventures. A carousel feature is used in the pages presenting the different types of services like Self-Drive Boats, Boat Charters, Water sports and Trips. This helps to present and give a good overview of the vast portfolio of marine craft that is available through Xlendi Watersports along with key specifications of these boats.

One very important mechanism for this kind of website is to indicate clear contact channels to the interested visitor who needs to interact with the business either to ask some question or to make a booking for one of the variety of services that are provided. Thus the key focus is on ensuring that the maximum amount of leads is generated and this is aided through actions like Book Now, Enquire and Contact Us. To this end, the Contact Form conveniently auto-adjusts and provides choices according to the interests of the site visitor. The website targets both the individual traveller and the businesses organising events.

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