Why you cannot avoid Messenger Marketing in 2019

By Carolin Hyzyk

Sometimes the digital world is truly frustrating! The minute you’ve captured and honed in on a particular platform, you just realise it’s time again for another update…

At Keen, we’ve been discussing and blogging about Chatbots for quite a while but today we’re here to urge you to seriously consider Facebook Messenger as the next most important tool for your business!

Here’s why ….

1. Messenger has arisen from a secondary App associated with Facebook that people use to communicate privately to a major platform that is now used globally. In fact, Messenger is currently going through rapid expansion and growth and it is the main instant messaging App in Europe and also very popular in Northern America.

2. Messenger is now considered as a big channel in its own right. Many brands are already cashing in on the fact that is a terrific platform for a 1:1. At this point in time, Messenger Marketing is proving that is miles better than email marketing and SMS marketing. First of all, communication via Messenger is a seamless user experience on smartphones and even if we can read emails on mobile there is no doubt that email sure feels more cumbersome. With Messenger, there is no pain of opening an Inbox where a dubious quantity of email is considered already as spam. In fact, Messenger Marketing enjoys a higher open rate and a higher engagement rate. Another great advantage of Messenger Marketing is that it does not have the limitations that email had when it comes to the feedback loop!

3. Messenger Marketing can seem like a dream come true for those who remember pondering about how great it would be if upon receiving an email, a potential customer can interreact almost immediately with the company! This is naturally tied with the faster turnaround, that should a customer have a question, this can be almost immediately answered and thus the customer can go through the sales funnel in a shorter time span. For example, upon trying to book a hotel room, a traveller might want to ask the hotel, if the hotel can provide with services of storing a medication that needs to be kept refrigerated before proceeding with the booking. Messenger Marketing comes in an automated (non-manned way) providing the answer, sorting out the issue for the client who will then happily proceed to make the booking. Without the immediate answer, the traveller might have looked elsewhere in the meantime.

4. Messenger Marketing goes a long way. It is not only capable of providing answers through AI to customer queries but it also provides a platform through which a company can orchestrate particular marketing campaigns. Similar to email marketing in fundamentals, Messenger Marketing is executed in different ways:

– Building a list is done by capturing new leads (fans that comment on your Facebook posts or who message you directly), nurturing them and sending them relevant content.
– Subscribers take up can also be enhanced by adding a ‘Message Us’ widget on a site.
– Content is sent to subscribers either as a one-off broadcast to the whole list or maybe to smaller segments. All of this is done in the context of an automated responder that is the Chat Bot. The logic embedded in the artificially intelligent Chat Bot allows for more options, quicker and instantaneous replies. This is a domain that is associated with keywords that are key to the conversation and the flow of communication happening on the platform.

5. Via Messenger Marketing you can create services or campaigns such as the following:

– Providing quick customer support such as when the Chatbot gets back to the user who wants to track an order or allows the user to ask for specific content which the artificially intelligent Chat Bot delivers right away.

– Informing the subscribers about new products or new offers or the latest blog post. Typically, the message can include options for the client like ‘Know More’ or ‘Not Interested’. Naturally, if you’re selling something, Messenger can be used to reactivate dormant clients.

– If you’re in a business related to Events, Facebook Messenger is a perfect tool for reminders, which can be set at particular intervals before the event and even asking for feedback after the event.

– Tying in a Facebook campaign with Messenger which will allow you a business to gain subscribers. You can also plan a campaign that revolves around a Live FB Video that gives your audience something of value.

– Conducting Contests on Facebook, tagging entrants via Messenger and giving away a coupon to entrants that can be redeemed instore.

If your clients are already contacting you via Messenger that’s the first indication that time is ripe to consider going to the next level. Start by checking out the basic automated chat bots and take it to the level where you can actually lead the customer through the whole sales process in a faster way. Now that’s how you grow your business.

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