Indulge in some Vini e Capricci…

By John

Abraham commissioned Keen to come up with the best online solution for Vini e Capricci following the brand’s expansion into new markets.

After initial research it was concluded to allocate a new domain to the brand Vini e Capricci which has along the years gathered traction and is now thriving as a brand separate from its sister company, Abraham’s Supplies.

Vini e Capricci is a concept store physically located at the Gozitano Agricultural Village alongside Mgarr Road in Gozo. It is a gourmet food and wine shop where you can sample wines and food every day… and then shop! Abraham’s vision was to create a multi-sensory experience of the finest things in life. Nowadays Vini e Capricci pays tribute to some of the greatest artists, hosting art exhibitions, wine pairing dinners, wine tasting days, culinary events organised around cultural occasions and much more!

The scope of the website is to capture the essence of Vini e Capricci and facilitate the advertising of such events through the online medium especially the website whilst also pushing Ogygia, Abraham’s locally produced products and the events on the new site.

We placed significant importance on showcasing the diverse product range to push e-commerce. As soon as the client goes into the website, they are greeted by a visual banner to immediately capture the user’s attention. We have maximised this by tapping into the user’s focus and included related products just next to the banner that the user can actually buy using a clear Add to Cart call-to-action.

Latest products inputted in the system are showcased on the homepage, ensuring that the potential client is immediately aware of any new additions.

Another important feature on the website is the ability to book and purchase a ticket for an upcoming event. The system allows the flexibility of setting the number of tickets per event, as well as the cost and all other details specific for each occasion. The system manages the bookings automatically and ensures issuing of event tickets. Using this automated approach our client can rest assured that the event booking will run smoothly.

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