Steering forward with Agile

By John

Keeping quality and innovation at the heart of everyday

The New Year saw us moving into our new premises in Xewkija. We’re still settling down and getting used to being in a much bigger place!

Last week we started the first of a series of training sessions that will see our team embrace new methodologies and standards during 2017. We had our first taste of Agile. The all-day training session which was held in one of our classrooms was very interesting and definitely the right step into introducing the team to the Agile philosophy. Starting off from basic principles and terms like Backlog, Stories, Scrum, and Story Points, the training session incorporated hands-on exercise that saw our teams building Lego cities and managing the projects using Agile.

In the coming weeks, we will be moving from training to introduction of the Agile principles into our real everyday workflow. The whole team is keen to embrace Agile as a way that will help us deliver faster and to higher standards. It is also a promise that the team will still focus on innovation and cutting edge ideas that are the hallmark of many of our projects.