Instagram launches it’s new video platform. . . IGTV

By John

How do you celebrate reaching over 1 billion monthly active users?

Well, if you’re Instagram you launch a brand new video platform and you call it . . . IGTV.

A mobile video platform designed specifically for long-form vertical videos making it the perfect contender to disrupt YouTubes’ dominance.

Here is a brief explanation on what IGTV is and how you can go about creating your own channel.

It’s a vertical experience

With the recent explosion in mobile video, Instagram is throwing its hat in the ring as a go-to source for influencers and vloggers. The platform is gearing itself for native adoption of IGTV by its users in the hopes of taking a few pieces of the mobile video pie away from the likes of Snapchat and YouTube.

Not only is IGTV taking the mobile video experience to whole new level but it wants to put the power of creation in the users hands.

Through its’ Instagram Stories users have already become accustomed to recording video in vertical format and since this is a mobile only platform it becomes a natural progression so users will be more willing to adopt and start creating.

IGTV is available to all in the native Instagram app or, if you so wish, you can download it as a standalone app from your preferred app store. As it stands, most accounts will be able to upload 10 minute videos while larger accounts will be able to upload videos of up to 1 hour.

Instagram do advise that eventually there will be no time limit on the videos which puts it in good stead to give YouTube a run for its money but since it is mobile only vertical video, YouTube might not have to worry too much. . .  just yet – best to keep an eye on it though.

Keeping you glued to your mobile

Don’t go thinking you can ditch your Netflix subscription and start binge watching on IGTV, that’s not quite what it was made for. IGTV is meant to natively bring influencers and vloggers closer to their adoring fans through the medium of mobile video and you couldn’t get more native than this!

If you have an Instagram account, you can create your own IGTV channel. As soon as you open the app the videos start playing immediately, think of it as if you’re switching on your TV. In fact, Instagram have said they are trying to make the experience a lot like TV, again making it feel very natural to adopt.

As I said before, Instagram wants adoption of the new platform to be a natural progression, so they have made it super simple to get setup whether you are using the native app or the standalone app.

How do I create my own IGTV channel?

Step 1: Sign in to the IGTV app or if you are in Instagram just click on the TV icon on the top right of your screen.

IGTV - mobile video experience

Step 2: Click on the settings gear icon and then click “create channel”

IGTV - vertical mobile video

It’s that simple to create!

It’s about curating the best mobile experience!

Similar to Facebook, you are able to “like” or “comment” on videos as you watch them which is great for engagement. You are also in full control of what you want to watch – Instagrams algorithm uses machine learning to figure out what you like or dislike and slowly learns your preferences over time

Not so keen on watching someone “instaposing” on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean – simply swipe to the side and you move on to the next video. If only it was that easy in real life!

Looking for something more? Simply swipe up and you can view by the following categories:

  • For You – A collection made up of what Instagram thinks you will like
  • Following – A collection of videos from people you already follow
  • Popular – A collection of videos that are trending on IGTV
IGTV - mobile video curation

If that doesn’t work for you there is a “Search” function you can use but the idea is that Instagram wants to curate the best videos for you within your network taking the hassle away of you constantly searching for interesting content.

As with any new platform there is a certain level of testing until you are comfortable with the setup and user experience. IGTV have made this almost non existent with the ease at which you can setup and start creating your own content. In fact, it’s so easy it’s almost natural.

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