‘How to Thrive Not Just Survive’ – An Inspiring Summit with Steve Clarke

By Carolin Hyzyk

Do we actively approach and seek new business opportunities? Do we choose and address our clients? Do we know who our ideal clients are? How about rebooting clients? Increasing the order value and frequency? Do we have clear goals and does every team member know the precise goals of the day?

How about your cashflow, brand awareness, employee turn-around and how about getting things done? Time to reflect? Improve?Automate? Are you open to change, people and networking?

Did you have your Eureka Moment yet?

We have joined the recent Sales Success Summit of Steve Clarke in Malta, an internationally renown, motivational speaker, inspiring entrepreneur, breathing best practices for sales and leadership and it’s been a fantastic experience.

The best things about being in business are unlimited opportunity for growth, exciting challenges which open new roads and embrace change but mostly the continuously enriching  work with people from various countries, industries and backgrounds with their needs, desires, objectives and motivations. It all comes down to ‘P2P’ – People 2 People and it’s not sales but simply adding value and building trust, so Steve.

We at Keen believe in the power of building long term relationships, communication, engagement and interaction for successful lead creation and conversion. We love to analyse target audiences, shape personas and craft strategic communication plans around companies’ brand objectives. We are passionate about assisting businesses to reach out to the right target group, inspire them and motivate users to buy, request a meeting or call, which eventually impacts the bottom line.  

Are you excited about your business flourishing in an ever-changing environment? Don’t just think about it – get it started!  

It’s been a great conference filled with self-reflection, best practice samples and networking, reminding us of the importance to stay focused and take actions, become a promoter for change, utilise the right tools, drive continuous improvements, dare to be different and share knowledge with peers, clients and affiliates to become successful together and grow even further.