Influencing your customers with the right marketing tactic

By John

‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell’, claims the American marketer Seth Godin. In today’s competitive day and age, marketing habits have changed in order to be relevant to the society that we are living in. Indeed, social media’s explosive growth over the past few years have challenged the way companies affront marketing campaigns.

Therefore, whatever service your company offers or whichever products it sells,undoubtedly your social media game needs to be strong. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat should be at the top on your marketing priority lists. However, simply shifting your marketing to social media is not enough, as audience might still not be listening attentively to you. Here is where the role of the influencers comes in, and where you can offer your customers an exceptional brand trail experience.

Influencer marketing is a novel kind of marketing which focuses on using specific key individuals, usually who have a substantial number of followers on social media, to spread a brand’s message or sell a brand’s items. Really and truly, it is a novel form of celebrity endorsement, but without the celebrities. Influencer marketing is about developing relationships with people of influence within a particular demographic area to help spread your brand’s message and help with your brand’s awareness.

Interestingly enough, influencers have a direct and authentic connection to your consumers, and these in turn will help your brand be more reliable and trustworthy. Usually millennials, influencershave that kind of authentic charisma that will make your loyal customers and even your potential consumers listen to them easily. Therefore, by engaging in influencer marketing you can create a direct connection to which they are receptive to. Consumers are more likely to engage with content from a person they know or aspire to. Tony Cairo, founder of BrandSnob the international leading influencer marketing platform, emphasises on this fact that ‘Brands that look at influencer marketing as a long term strategy that needs to be made with the right influencers have far greater success in producing engaging content together that resonated with the influencer’s audience’.

Social influence took a giant leap in 2017, and this means that using influencers in your marketing mix results even more positively than any other kind of paid advertisement. At Keen, we embrace the constant changes in technology and enjoy getting to grips with new marketing strategies. With influencer marketing currently being the top trend of advertising sponsorship, implementing it is recommendable as:

  1. It Increases the Brand’s Credibility
    As mentioned previously, consumers trust their peers and their networks more than any brand. Thus, by choosing to opt for an influencer to advertiser your products subtly you are giving a fast track of credibility to your brand.
  2. It Helps you Broaden Your Audience
    By taking time to identifying which influencers can convey your brand best, according to what your brand stands for, will help you understand about the influencer’s followers and eventually give you access to a wider audience.
  3. It Can Drive News Leads and Boost Sales
    The main and ultimate goal of using influencers to promote your brand is that in turn the brand increases its revenue. A superb way of encouraging consumers to purchase your products is to have your influencer promote a discount code with his/her audience. Indeed, that’s what Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington did. Their campaign consisted purely of a myriad of influencers promoting the brand on Instagram and including the discount in the caption. The campaign proved to be a success and helped the startup watch brand worth €150,000 into a €220million brand in less than 5 years.

In order to connect with the right influencers, the brand needs to analyse the needs, develop attention grabbing advert messages, and advise the influencers about delivering the message in innovative ways. By adopting such a marketing technique, customers gain access to a targeted audience which looks up to a person that promotes your brand’s products.

If you are still sceptic about how to incorporate influencer marketing into your brand strategy, contact us for your very own tailored quote.