A unique point of view. Using Facebook Messenger ads to find your audience.

By Carolin Hyzyk

At Keen Ltd, our team are regularly commissioned to assist new businesses at a crucial time in their trading when they are launching themselves into the marketplace. Quite often these businesses have devoted a lot of time and energy into developing and perfecting their product, but need our help to find and grow their customer base. The companies we work with are 100% confident of their venture or product, but reach out to us to help them find and secure consumers for their particular product or service.

Keen Ltd’s team of digital strategists and marketeers regularly research the marketplace and advise our clients on cost-effective strategies to adopt. We also suggest the digital platforms which are most likely to deliver the required results.

This is what happened when an independent boutique hotel, The Viewpoint Hotel was opening in Xlendi, Gozo.

The owners of this bespoke upmarket hotel had invested time and resources in finessing their venue. Their hard work had paid off, their establishment was a small, yet impressive stylish hotel, set within a characterful backdrop. It was modern, with the laid-back ambience of a retreat and with breathtaking views. Each of their 8 rooms had individual characteristics and as the rooms were named after local indigenous trees it further supported the mood and vibe of this hotel, with its relaxed, intimate, retreat like atmosphere.

However, their website was still under development and therefore not available for marketing purposes; and yet the owners were keen to start promoting their hotel and securing customers.

Our digital marketing plan had to start from scratch;  and because there was no company website available – our strategy was to use social media ads to showcase the different aspects of the hotel’s unique characteristics. To celebrate the fact that they were a small, upmarket and intimate establishment in an exclusive location offering high quality and luxury with relaxed informality.

This aspect had to translate through the photos and text we used in our social media ads.

Over 12 weeks we ran a social media marketing campaign for Viewpoint Hotel targeting consumers interested in travel, Gozo and also identifying people with upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. This was a Facebook Messenger campaign, which let us only show the ads to people with these interests/ character traits, PLUS because it was a messenger campaign the people who’d viewed the ad and were interested could easily message The Viewpoint Hotel directly. We ran both single image and ‘carousel ads’ – allowing customers to scroll through and view photos of the hotels facilities and rooms.

This low-cost facebook messenger campaign ran for 90 days, starting at the end of November and concluding at the end of February.

As you will see from the report above – during this time these ads reached over 59,000 people and more importantly secured 737 qualified messenger leads for our client. This resulted in a wealth of bookings for the hotel, securing enough business to keep them busy during their first 6 months or more of trading.

If you would like to find out how you can use social media to drive your business forward, then why not contact our team.