Work…making it work!

By John

Let’s face it…spending eight or more hours sitting on your desk hearing the clickety-clacking of all the keyboards in your office may sound quite tedious. And imagine that the only place you can walk to in your office is the bathroom. That would make it even worse.

The work environment is nowadays presumed as playing an important role in employees’ satisfaction, happiness and productivity and this was one of the main reasons we decided to upgrade our space. Creativity does not happen at a snap of a finger, so we gave more flexibility to our employees and created a setting where they could all engage better with our business, enhance their motivation and innovative skills.

Getting nice décor is not enough.

A well-thought-out design plan goes beyond the selection of modern and fancy furniture. We applied a raw and industrial style throughout incorporating a touch of wood and steel. Walls were used as canvases featuring air-brushed illustrations promoting what Keen stands for and crafts for partners and clients. It is vital to consider elements such as natural light which makes the environment an uplifting one and find ways of how to reduce noise that creates distraction. A clean, spacious work environment gives room to creativity, fruitful team work and drives productivity.

Literally…everyone needs his space.

During our planning of the new offices, we also took in consideration two main aspects of the employees; their privacy and the focus on collaboration. We included rooms where one could have some privacy to carry out individual tasks away from any interruption. Other spaces such as the board room and meeting room serve to discuss collaborative opportunities both internally and even with prospective and established clients. A classroom to carry out presentations and share our knowledge both amongst our employees and even with external parties. Last but not least, we dedicated ample recreational space where all of us can chatter and bond together, giving that feel-at-home feeling and resulting in a better overall teamwork.

At Keen, work can get intense but since the move to our new premises we noticed that, yes, creating a fun and comfortable work space elevates employees to be more productive, creative and develop opportunities for growth. Our job is not based on luck but on how well we prepare ourselves for it and as Milton Berle once said, “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”