Vacation Marketing Tactics

By John

With so many foreign writers and travellers proclaiming our islands as one of the top-world destinations that should be on the bucketlist, we cannot help but try to give some hints and tips to the many different types of business who operate in the tourism sector in our islands.

  • Your website is your headquarters

A website about your operation is one which shows off the experience that you can offer your guests, an experience that actually starts from the website itself. This means fresh content and awesome images along with proper direct booking facilities all embodied in a user-friendly mobile responsive setup. If your website is already at this stage, then make sure that you’re not missing out by not investing in Search Engine Optimisation as this is what ultimately is needed to be listed on page one of Google to generate traffic to your enterprise!

  • Emphasis on referrals and reviews

Your bookings will hinge directly on what your past clients are saying about you. A good review is worth its weight in gold. This is why we advocate that every business in the hospitality sector should include a point about how to acquire new valid reviews in its marketing strategy.

  • Email marketing to bring back clients

If you have repeat clients, then you need to ensure that you are using email marketing appropriately. Apart from the basics like have a proper email footer with links to social media, you also need to look into the possibility of using e-newsletters. Maybe you have a week where some bookings have been cancelled and you want to quickly fill up those slots. Sending a newsletter with a special offer to segments who can quickly book might be one way of ensuring a higher occupancy rate.

  • Facebook and Social Media

You think you’re wasting your time on social media? Well it’s true that social media is time consuming but you cannot afford not to be there. From making travellers aware that you offer some service at a specific destination, to building the brand and taking bookings, social media is now part of the digital strategy. Do not leave platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to the side. Try to give meaning to your brand on Instagram by regularly posting a picture that epitomises who you are as a brand and what experience you offer. On Pinterest establish a series of boards that at a glance explain who you are. If you’re hotel create boards about the rooms, the facilities, the destination, your neighbourhood and the food you serve.

  • Video is king of content

Create short video teasers and share them online. These bring more engagement and they do not need to be long winded. From a one-minute interview of your pastry chef to quick tour of the location, these short videos are usually crowd pullers.

  • Don’t ignore Google listings and local directory listings

If you ignore Google you’re doing it at your risk. Google is like a super power online and it is essential to have a proper business listing with them. On another note,  make sure you are listed on other directories, Apps or travel portals where your main competitors are featured.

If this blog post has set you thinking about whether or not your vacation business is poised on a good vantage point to bring in more business, then contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you out!