‘Tech and tactics empowering change’- Portugal’s Web Summit

By Carolin Hyzyk

In review – Portugal’s revelatory Web Summit has once again echoed and we are pumped; workshops, seminars, panels, brainstorming, networking and so much more – If you’ve not heard of the WebSummit, many say it’s where the future goes to be born. 

Imagine getting the chance to pose questions to the Head Scientist for Alexa AI, the Chief Technology Officer at Amazon, the CEO for Wikipedia or the Chairman of Huawei. Getting their insight, as they share ideas and problem-handling, explain their future predictions and how to use their advancing innovations as per best practices – it’s been buzzing. Over 70,000 people travelled from 163 different countries to hear from speakers including world-leading tech pioneers, a former Prime Minister…to a headline grabbing globally known whistle-blower and upholder of the free-press. Never mind whistle-blow, our minds were blown! Discovering emerging ways businesses will connect and inter-relate. 

Here the top 10 points that hit our team: 

  1. Google’s recent technological advancements open new possibilities for privacy by design – exciting routes for Digital Marketing efforts across markets. 
  2. AWS workshops were all about hands-on server setups and optimization – smarter, better, more efficient and more powerful – we love to achieve more with less!  
  3. Inspiring panel discussions around Artificial Intelligence (AI) dynamically revealed the changes across industries and business landscapes whilst becoming more human than ever. Data-driven business decisions and smart automation are now and help us scale businesses successfully. 
  4. Tommy Hilfiger shared their struggles and the digital transition happening in the retail fashion industry. Seeking emerging opportunities and focusing on the brand experience will drive retail businesses forward. Retailers be ready for change! 
  5. Networking with like-minded peers from around the world, across sectors, people with a similar zest and passion for utilizing advancing technologies to build brands. We juiced up for dynamically advancing businesses, heightening customer experience and all the exciting projects in the pipeline. 
  6. Hooked with the volume of Novel Tech Ideas that came across our way – out of the box, focused on users, involvement, authenticity and a sincere brand connection putting the word sales in an outdated storage box.  
  7. Lamborghini, their aspirational brand experience seamlessly evolves into a lifestyle, which their customers fully identify with. But discovering the level of work involved in maintaining what seems like an effortless transition was eye-opening.
  8. Lego. How does it stay at the top of its game?  The company seems ageless, with their unbeatable ideas consistently remaining fresh – all the while crossing and connecting generations of loyal customers inclusively. In a world of overflowing content this talk has been truly inspirational! 
  9. Cyber security – many of our customers think this is necessary for blue-chip corporates and not as crucial for them. Siemens’s security experts alerted and shared their insights on why and how to protect critical assets best. Food for thought!
  10. Booking.com illuminated how to hold true to the company’s core values if aiming to scale your business successfully across markets. – Proven strategies for building and developing brands at best! 

Just the tip of the iceberg – we are all up for an exciting journey and uncountable new opportunities await, to be utilized for effective Digital Marketing that drives sincere brand connections which last and drive sustainable business growth! 

If you feel you are struggling right now or want to get sparked for next year’s plan – let’s have a chat!