If a picture is worth a thousand words, a website speaks a million – Eugene’s

By John

If there is one type of website where the photos are a top priority, it has to be that of a restaurant business. Food photos are not just an Instagram trend, where many have taken to posting mouth-watering pictures of the dishes!

In the restaurant business, the service provided is essentially one that satisfies hunger. But before that, restaurants know that in today’s digital times, they need to gratify hungry eyes with perfect pictures! This is one key principle, that the designers at Keen kept in mind whilst designing and developing a new website for Eugene’s, a restaurant providing a fine dining experience at Mġarr Harbour. The design chosen for the site elevates the photos to ensure that site visitors are captivated by the beautiful food and ambiance pictures and thus yearn to experience and visit the restaurant.

As is typical of a restaurant site, the site provides full information about the services, menu and dining experience without the use of a lot of pages. The ‘About Us’ page explains the ethos behind the restaurant’s character explaining the unique Maltese and Creole cuisine that the kitchen offers. A pictorial presentation of the full menu along with full details and prices is available on the site.

Keen was careful to ensure that the site includes various ways of contacting the restaurant including reaching out through mobile number. In fact, in the mobile-responsive website, the telephone and mobile number are presented right at the top of the screen. This facilitates the next step in the customer journey and is considered an essential feature especially when viewed in the light that Google has revealed that many people search for restaurants while on the move and literally an hour or less than their dining out experience. Thus in such a scenario, the next step is calling the restaurant to make a booking, hence the prominence in location of the mobile number.

Even in the smaller kind of sites, customer journeys and conversions are the guiding principles that we focus on. If you’re intent on capturing new customers, captivating them and bringing them to your door via the digital tools, it’s time to speak to our marketing specialists.