Mining the nuggets of insight

By Joe C

Have you recently checked out the traffic on your website? Do you know if you have more traffic on weekends or weekdays? How many minutes do visitors spend on your website? Which are the favourite pages?

These are some of the questions, to which you, as a business person, should be able to answer. In order for a website to yield the expected return on investment, the task does not stop when you launch the website! In terms of insights about the visitors’ behaviour it actually starts there. Regular checks on the analytics are essential to identify patterns and glimpse into particular insights that can yield lucrative returns.

All web presences can be improved in order to optimise the path that leads to more conversions. More conversions can be anything from more sales or bookings generated through the website, more content consumption or simply more contacts coming in the online channel. This is especially valid for businesses that are focused on generating leads from their website.

Whatever the case, the first questions that one needs to answer are:

  • From where are visitors coming? Are they coming through search engines, industry portals, 3rd party referrals or are they coming directly?
  • On what kind of device are the consuming the website? Is it mobile, tablet or computer?
  • How long are they staying? What is the bounce rate?
  • Are there any specific click-through patterns? Which are the main landing pages and exit pages? Are customers being lost from certain pages?
  • Can we track the customers to bring them back to the website?

If YOU cannot answer the above questions, it means that there is something missing in your online marketing strategy. All this has to be rooted in the target market after which you are going and it involves extracting crucial information about whether the website is reaching the target market and any super segments.

If YOU need help answering the above questions, then get in touch with us. You may wish to dive into the world of digital analytics with our experts, understand the opportunities for website improvements and obtain a better conversion rate.

We can help in the following manner:

  • Make sure that your web presences are setup in a way to track traffic over multiple devices.
  • Set up traffic reports for conversions which can easily be tracked from your end.
  • Provide guidance about how to read analytics.
  • Help you decipher patterns and gain insight.

All this will lead to a more optimised website, one that generates more business!

Get in touch with our team today…. Your competitor could already be tapping into the insights to make greater gains.