Keen – it’s about a positive work space!

By John

Recently one of the newer members of our team at Keen commented that one of the best things is the positive work space. Here we’re trying, to sum up what is behind this positive work space!

Some things in life count more than others. Appreciation of the small and bigger aspects that motivate people, that keep them enthusiastic and make them feel good about what they are doing are amongst the very subtle but strong undertones present in our company.

At Keen, this is a highly regarded principle and this is why a lot of emphases is made on positive work space. Bringing these principles down to the practical level takes various forms and a brisk walk through our offices will reveal that the team is steadily at work but in a ‘positive’ frame of mind. If we had to boil it down, the essence is made up of 3 things: – great working space, communication and expertise.

It all starts with a comfortable working environment where the team feels at home and can work easily with the least amount of stress possible. No one likes to be cramped and physical stress will ultimately affect output. Our new modern offices have been amply renovated and decorated. The attention to detail that was given to design, not only makes the offices stand out in terms of ambience but it makes it a joy to work inside this building. Working zones are complemented with fully-equipped kitchen and chill-out zones.

When one considers that most of us spend a good chunk of the day at work, light, space and comfort are not just add-ons but essential to move on during the day. The vibe at the office is one of a steady stream that not only bubbles with the excitement of new work and projects but is also one that is constantly moving rapidly to reach milestones. Tools and technology are our allies and they have to match our team’s stride so regular checks and innovations are in place.

When it comes to communication, our team works in an open environment where creativity (in the various departments) is watered every day through research and discussions. Inspiration is welcome from all directions and the team toils on look-and-feel, design and functionality until both ourselves and the client is happy. Good habits are fostered and practised every day. The latest habit that we’ve adopted is Agile methodology and this is helping us be more efficient.

Our understanding and experience are stretched every day. Learning occurs on all fronts be it individual learning, departmental learning and organisational learning. Participating in seminars, workshops, training and classes in various realms and topics keep us poised properly to embrace new technology and ideas. Hand in hand with learning is sharing of knowledge.

In a sector where technology is always evolving and challenging us, keeping us on our toes, we’re glad that we have this opportunity. As Aristotle put it ‘Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work’.