It’s the most wonderful time of the year for adverts!

By John

With just 26 days left until Christmas Day, big retailers have started unwrapping their adverts for this season! For us at Keen, it’s like receiving early Christmas Presents – the excitement is palpable.

Here’s a roundup of the top 5 Christmas ads which have been unveiled until today…well 6 since we couldn’t really choose!

Which advert is your favourite?

John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners #excitableedgar

Undoubtedly so, John Lewis Advert is an advert which is highly awaited by many and has been a prominent fixture with the top festive advert for a while now! This year, John Lewis & Partners worked alongside Waitrose & Partners to create a very heart-warming tale of the #excitableedgar a dragon who gets very excited with Christmas festivities in his village but nearly ruins it with his fiery breath! The creators said that this idea was one of around 300 scripts but was one which they had touched on before as there was something that they really like about it but they couldn’t get an ending to it, so celebrating Christmas together with Waitrose was the perfect combination. We cannot help but notice the warmth feeling transmitted by the colour scheme of the advert.

Mc Donald’s UK – #ReindeerReady

McDonald’s UK introduces us to Archie the Reindeer and Ellie, his adorable human friend. A special moment in the advert is when the scene switches from animation to real life. The producers of the advert explain: “We’re celebrating the magic of Christmas through the eyes of Ellie, an imaginative little girl, in an advert which illustrates scenes recognised by parents across the country, as the whole family comes together to get Reindeer ready.”

Argos – The Book of Dreams

Argos’s 2019 Christmas advert revolves around their famous catalogue, which has been around for 46 years. The advert draws on the nostalgia of childhood and looking up gifts in catalogues to choose what we would like to include in our Christmas Wishlist. Dan Elton, Head of Marketing Communications at Argos, remarked: “This year we wanted to celebrate a festive tradition that families up and down the country all know and love.” – Get more out of giving

The Christmas campaign for is based on the theme to “get more out of giving”. The animated video narrates a story of a neighbourhood that chimes together to make a Christmas present for a solitary old man. With this concept, Very is hoping to raise awareness of loneliness during the festive season and drive a sincere brand connection to ultimately entice people to visit their store.

Tesco – #DeliveringChristmas

For 2019, Tesco decided to tie in their centenary anniversary of the store with the Christmas campaign showing Joel, the delivery man delivering delicacies along the years of operation. Alessandra Bellini, Tesco’s Chief Customer Officer explains: ‘With the help of a delivery van, a cast from across the decades and a little bit of magic, we’re telling that story.’ The special effects of the delivery van appearing/disappearing in different places transmits the feeling of Christmas Magic. Tesco even went a step ahead with placing an actual Tesco delivery van decorated with Christmas lights on the roof of a cottage in Knutsford, a small town just outside of Manchester- holistic experiences strike!

Barbour – 125 Years of Blooming Barbour Christmases

Barbour’s 2019 ad shows Father Christmas delivering presents all through the years in a classic Barbour Jacket that protected him all along. Apart from ticking the sentimentality box which makes a distinguished good Christmas advert, the advert shows off the eco-credentials of Barbour’s classic design at a time when people are becoming conscious of enjoying a sustainable Christmas.

If we had to summarise this year’s Christmas adverts trends, it would sound like this:

Animation is being used by most of the brands to pass on their message to a wide audience. It attracts the young viewers but appeals to the adults alike, by evoking emotion that resonates with the audience. Moreover, animation tends to simplify the story. Most of the viewers, especially the elder audience associate cartoons with good times of their childhood. Animation awakes nostalgic feelings which is one the most powerful emotion.

Advertising involving children captures attention not lastly due to the cuteness factor but interests viewers from old to young – because one wishes to be the child in the advert, one has children, one has grandchildren etc. The young audience holds the powerful gift of persuasion towards their parents, especially around X-mas Shopping time.

Involving infant-looking animals in animated advert develops a subconscious emotional reaction in viewers. Physiologically, creatures with large heads and expressive eyes affect us and warm our hearts. Marketers use this theory to convey the desired message and drive truthful emotional connections to brands.

The Family and togetherness factor is very present in most festive adverts and transmits a positive atmosphere to the viewer. It’s interesting how the “family” is not always represented by 2 parents and children but may come in all forms and sizes. The festive season is a time for togetherness and enjoying your family traditions, whatever these may be.

It’s never too early to spark an idea to end the next year on a high note! Like to discuss an animation for your business anniversary or campaign?

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