How to bring the right customers to your door step.

By John

In traditional business, no one sits in an empty shop hoping for customers to come in without taking a proactive stance. Customers need to know about the shop and there has to be something that interests them and motivates them to visit the establishment. The same is true in the online world.

If you’re hungry for traffic or for an extra burst of online visitors that generate sales, then you should consider Google Ad Campaigns. Google Advertising Campaigns can be tailored to meet different objectives, such as displaying your adverts in search results (Search Ads), with placement of adverts on 3rd party sites (Display Campaigns), with YouTube advertising (Video ads) or even directly pushing an app to your potential customers (App Ads).

The beauty of Search Ads is that provided that you have the money you can get your advert listed on top of the organic listings when the user makes a search for a specific keyword or phrase in the Google search engine. Whilst many search engine visitors are aware that these are sponsored listings, it can still generate a lucrative business especially when one considers that you only pay when you advert is clicked.

In this post, we’re looking at some valid points that are essential when planning a Google AdWords Campaign.

  1. Keep your budget in focus ad and make sure you are sticking with your advertising budget. It does not make sense to spend more than you are earning. In order to get the most value, it is important to know the specific keywords and avoid broad keywords. Choosing a broad keyword ultimately means having a larger catchment area but exact key phrases will yield more business.
  2. Studying keywords in depth is one of the first steps towards having a profitable campaign. This will lead you to discover the golden keywords, i.e. those keywords which generate more conversions. Campaigns can then be focused on these keywords. Seasoned campaign experts also advocate knowing the ‘negative’ keywords, i.e. those keywords for which you do not want to show up.  Making use of the negative keywords is a must when you are running a broad campaign.
  3. Roping in Ad Extensions is also helpful. Ad extensions are additional snippets of information that help your advert gain in visibility and prominence. Google provides different types of extensions. Location extensions are associated with location of the business and can involve maps and addresses, Call extensions are convenient when you want the user to make a phone call and Message extensions are best when you’re trying to get the user to message you. Price extensions allow you to showcase products and their prices while through Review extensions you can add in reviews or ratings. The usage of Ad Extensions has been shown to improve the quality score and the click-through rate of the campaign you are running.
  4. Another helpful hint is making use of the Responsive Display Ads. This facility helps the campaign manager by saving the time on resizing text to fit different ad sizes.
  5. Sometimes we set up campaigns where the budget is spread evenly throughout the day. However, there’s another way of seeing it. If your potential customers happen to make the searches in the morning, why limit yourself by spreading the advert throughout the day? Using Accelerate Delivery Option (as opposed to Standard Delivery) will serve your ads until your budget has been used and ads show up early in the day.
  6. As a final note, please do not ignore the location based bids. Hone in on specific countries, regions, cities and areas to make sure that your ad is appearing in a context that matches to the geographic areas your business is servicing.

If you feel that navigating GoogleAdWords campaign is pretty complex, do not worry. Get in touch with the team at Keen today and we’ll handle it all for you, making sure that you’re getting the right kind of click-throughs that you’re after!