Have you heard what Facebook’s going to be doing?

By John

Frequently we get rounds that Mr Zuckerberg made an announcement. Most of the time, these are just scams, but Thursday’s announcement of Facebook’s owner is truly worth noting by all those who work in the digital sphere.

Why, what did Mark Zukerberg post?

You can read his long post here, but boiling it down to the essence, he said that Facebook is about community of friends and family – nourishing our ‘wellbeing’. This means that when the business pages, the brand pages and media crowd out the sense of community, he is not happy and Facebook will be rectifying this!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Post on 11th Jan 2018

From the point of view of us as individuals, this is welcome news because in a way it can liberate our feed from the dominant public posts of brands and we will have more time for family and friends on Facebook. That is more quality Facebook time for us…..

From a business perspective….

Things will be changing.  We already know that reaching our audience on Facebook was no easy task and we really need to work hard to achieve certain engagement levels. Now, it’s going to be another level altogether. We will all need to revise our Facebook Plans and focus on the following:

1) Focusing on creating content that generates a sense of ‘community’ and fosters a sense of belonging and ‘well-being’.

2) Posting only the most meaningful and relevant content more than ever. If you think that the content will not cut it, then you might as well not post it!

3) If you’re in the business that in one way or another can be associated with LIVE events, then you need to leverage this, as Facebook will continue to push the MOBILE LIVE Video.

4) And if we’re talking more about LIVE and community engagement in real-time, it also means much less emphasis on scheduled posts….

If Facebook is relevant to you as a means of reaching and communicating with your audience, then you can start by watching Facebook’s own video here: https://www.facebook.com/facebook/videos/10156988765141729/

If you need help mapping 2018 on Social Media, give us a call and we’ll help you align better with Facebook’s new way of doing things!