Google’s Cardboard Usage in the Ċittadella App

By John

In June 2016, Keen was proud to be part of the inauguration of the newly restored Citadel of Gozo, through the launch of the Ċittadella App which has been developed for both Android and iOS systems. The App allows the user to explore the Citadel further and in more depth through immersive photos.

It was devised to be used both by the visitor at the Citadel as he or she explores the streets and the various places and points of interest but it is also valuable for the virtual visitor or armchair traveler who wants to discover the Citadel from home. It makes use of beacons so that visitors who are actually at the Citadel will get information about the location and points of interest closest to them.

Keen roped in the usage of Google Cardboard, a unique and interesting device made out of cardboard but which lets the user experience 360-degree views on a smartphone. Google Cardboard is great educational device because it allows an immersive experience. It has various applications from history to science. This is why the fusion of the Ċittadella App and Google Cardboard was a perfect case. It is also worth noting that this was a first for the local scene, where a project of the caliber of the Ċittadella App, an App developed for the Ministry for Gozo, made use of this new technology.


Since its launch a couple of months ago, the Ċittadella App was downloaded several hundred times. People have been quite responsive, especially when one considers that as yet the idea of visiting a heritage site and downloading an App for a richer experience is still very novel for some of the segments that visit the Citadel.