Game on! Using animation and overlays to modernize your online presence.

By John

Blexr are young and vibrant affiliate marketing company working in the iGaming sector with offices in Malta and Spain. If you are unfamiliar with the business term affiliate marketing; this refers to the process of earning a commission when selling other brands’ products and services.  Specialists in the iGaming sector; Blexr create websites which drive consumers directly to the platforms tailored to their gaming needs; where customers can spend money and place bets.

Blexr have a large office in Sliema, Malta and after rapid growth have expanded into Spain and are now settling into new offices in Barcelona.

The Blexr team enlisted help from our developers and designers at Keen Ltd to come up with a fresh, unique Blexr website which better represented their young, progressive company. The website had to be fun, functional and innovative, whilst staying true to Blexr’s core values and corporate identity.

Staff recruitment is also an important aspect of Blexr’s aggressive growth strategy. Therefore, the rebranded website had to be dynamic enough to command the attention and interest of their target audience whilst also engaging potential recruitment prospects such as designers, animators and other key creative talent who may be scouting out work in the iGaming sector and have a skillset Blexr would be keen to attract. Blexr offer great perks for employees and their dynamic working processes appeal to developers who want a better work-life balance and flexible working patterns.

The pre-existing Blexr website was already very rich in textual and visual content, but this needed an overhaul in terms of text and design, and so had to be re-packaged, restructured and presented in a fun, engaging way giving it pace and energy whilst hooking in potential consumers and industry talent.

Our designers used photo overlays throughout the website, adding depth and an immediate modern design to the content. These are a great device when used with a semi-transparent layer above the background image, allowing users to read the text.

Our digital teams also created moving animations, helping to ‘signpost’ sections of the site and are an easy visual tool, helping users easily navigate through the site.

Blexr’s corporate voice shines throughout the design. As you progress through the site, individual elements fall into place. Blexr already had a corporate video, which we decided to build into their site, so that this plays throughout the landing page in the background.

As well as creating moving animations to signpost sections on their site – we also included fun photo overlays to their ‘About Us’ section. This showed photos of senior personnel quickly switch to quirky poses once the page is active and the users cursor hovers over them, adding an element of fun and informality to their business again bringing to light the Blexr brand’s tone of voice.

These elements are modern design cues which can bring the content to life. The reader doesn’t feel like they are digesting lots of static text, although there is still is a lot of written information on the page. Individual visual moving elements add a sense of immediacy and help to focus the viewer’s attention –  creating a fun, dynamic website with a perceived inter-connectivity between the user and the business  – whilst engaging the user to read on.

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