Game changing tactics for igaming – Keen’s back linking boost

By John

With big money at stake and such complex rules and regulations in place; it’s no wonder companies existing in the savvy but savage online gaming sector constantly adapt and advance, using stealth like strategies and unconventional tactics to outshine their competitors and lure new gamers to their platforms.

But if you want to determine why your website is getting whipped by your rivals –  the answer is likely to be website content, meeting user intent, and off page SEO.  Did you know 40% of Google’s ranking algorithm is based on the links pointing to your site? 

Having a highly SEO optimised website gets you achieving top rankings with less links…but, never underestimate the power of backlinking. Because, however SEO optimized your site is, you still need a credible backlink profile to stay in the game. To ensure that even when shiny new competitors with big budgets launch into the marketplace, you will remain a serious contender.

At Keen, we have been helping companies outrank their competitors for the past 4 years and we have actually become really good at it. The different link building strategies we initiate for our clients cover:

  • Pure ‘white hat’ guest post outreach
  • Journalist outreach, where we link to information and resource page content
  • Mentions / link reclamation – sourcing mentions of your brand online and getting the publisher to convert these mentions into more bankable links
  • Link insertion for compelling content which already exists
  • Editorial / bio links on heavyweight trustworthy websites like IBM
  • Business Citations

Our digital marketing strategists have built hundreds of private blog networks for our clients. Although we do not recommend PBN’s, we offer a PBN service if a client requests these. We recommend implementing a 2nd tier link building strategy, linking to pages which link to your website.  The aim of the game is to link to something, which then links to you. Think of it as like patting yourself on the back, while gaining new customers in the process. Keen has achieved great results using these strategies for clients in igaming, luxury real estate and travel.

Want to expand your reach and get more clout behind your brand?  Well, guest blogging outreach is a tactical way of connecting with your target audience through other websites they also use – expanding your reach and further promoting your brand. But you can only use blogger outreach strategically once you’re noticed by editors and start getting published on the right platforms. During this process our team will:

  • Collaborate with our client to identify the top money pages
  • Identify the most credible, relevant, powerful websites to contact, after first assessing their metrics using Ahrefs – ensuring we only publish on high quality sites with real traffic. We also double check the health of each website, so we are confident it is stable with increasing organic traffic.
  • Create a list of topics for consideration before contacting the webmasters / editors to negotiate the terms of this suggested content
  • We then write compelling content and send this out to the editors for their further review
  • Once fully approved, the content will go live – with a backlink to the client’s website

Link building at scale is a proven effective way for clients to gain greater exposure and recognition for their targeted search terms and increase their credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Clients are given quality control of content across each website we pitch to. 

Our digital analysts carry out anchor text analysis for your key competitor’s pages which are ranking in the top 10 and conduct niche relevant outreach. We recommend building the most powerful links to the money pages, weaker links to the homepage as we aim to maintain a natural link building profile – a look which mimics a natural organic process. About 95% of the links we acquire for our customers will be to follow, but we will combine with some no follow links so that the link profile looks completely natural. We also help our clients to remove any toxic links by analyzing each link and adding/changing the disavow file in Google Search Console.

Online Gaming Companies – are you looking for credible ways to boost traffic and outsmart your rivals whilst seamlessly ascending the ranks to the next league?  If so, making SEO your best friend is a tried and tested way to achieve and excel upon your ROI. Why not contact our Keen team today and let our game-changers strategically move your business onto the next level?

These industry examples illustrate the great increase in impressions and clicks achieved for our clients thanks to our SEO link building efforts.

We are very passionate about what we do and how we do it. Our team achieved great results for our clients. We can do the same for you. Shall we bet?