Event Management & Planning

By John

When a client approaches Keen for Event Management, first thing we assure to understand is which area of the market they wish to target. Together with our clients we plan strategically in order to give promotional or corporate events that cut above the rest whilst keeping the brand’s ideals at the core.

When it comes to Event Planning we start by collecting and assessing the logistics of an event. Eventually, we conceptualise, develop, advertise, manage, and executive every minute detail in order to render the event a success. In a nutshell, event management and planning requires an eye for detail and following a set of steps in order for it to become a full success.

Just recently, we worked on a two-day promotional event, the Opening of the first Monsoon Ladies Shop in Malta.It’s all about brand awareness and positioning within the local market whilst assuring the female target audience is reached effectively and the ’something special’ is brought across. When planning out Monsoon’s Opening Event our events team followed a set of steps in order to facilitate the flow and make planning easier:

  1. Identify the Target Market
  2. Set up Goals
  3. Determine Budget
  4. Promotion/Communication Tactics
  5. Put everything together
  6. Execute Accordingly

The Monsoon Store Opening was spread over two days and our team brain stormed, planned, assisted, recommended, crafted, designed, developed and helped make the event a success. We Monsoon Management Team with. Once we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes, we came up with some ideas that would entice the ladies to visit the new store, amongst others:

  • Giant 3ft Peronalised Round Balloons
  • Goodie Bags with a twist
  • Capturing promotional material such as Flyers and Posters
  • Reaching out to local bloggers and influencers
  • Topping it all off with some Sweets and Prosecco

The main promotion for the new Monsoon Store was done through digital marketing, by creating teaser posts and GIFs in order to spark an interest in the shoppers as we believe that social engagement is key. On the day then, we involved winsome promoters around the Sliema streets in order to interact with pedestrians and share the opening of the new store.

Event Planning is a highly-thought out process and whilst drafting and executing a comprehensive event marketing plan can be challenging, the end result is as rewarding as inspiring for the consecutive marketing efforts of the brand.