Still don’t have a website? Here’s why you need one and how to fund it!

By Ricky Bugeja

So here’s the deal – no matter in which industry, sector, niche or trade you operate – there are customers from all corners of the globe who at this very instant are searching for your product or service online in one way or another. Whether they are shopping, reading reviews or consuming content, the internet is fuelling people’s appetite for everything they can dream of. In fact, the latest study by oberlo shows that a whopping 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a substantial purchase. In 2021, an estimated 2.81 billion people will make an online purchase. Just to put things into perspective, that’s over a quarter of the population of the entire planet – and yes you guessed it – many of these buyers live in well-developed countries like ours. 

So the simple fact is – “are you going to be there to serve them when people are searching for your products or services, or are going to let them go to your competitor’s website and make a purchase there?”   

Your business needs this investment just as much as investing in leases, stock, and pouring yourself into your work. Gone are the days when having a website was optional. In today’s globalized economy, not only are you competing with your neighbour, but you’re also going head-to-head with international behemoths in your industry who have the ability to almost be as “local” as you are.

Luckily for companies that are based in Malta, you don’t have to do any of this alone or out of pocket. There are various grants and schemes in place to help you make solid investments in your business with little to no risk to you. Moreover, the results of these investments have the potential to completely transform your business and open up a plethora of new horizons full of opportunities waiting to be explored.

The Business Enhance ERDF Grant Scheme

Through part-financing by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Malta has allocated 51 million euro to support enterprises that are investing in their growth by becoming more competitive, innovative and resilient.

One of the key focus areas is the digital transformation of businesses, and in particular the grant for the development of an E-Commerce website. The main idea here is that businesses are widening their market appeal, online visibility and ability to trade in a digital environment, which, if the past year has shown us anything, is an essential part of operating in modern times.

The fund provides a grant of 50% of your total expenditure, up to a maximum grant of 5,000 euro and your website must contain a shop section in order to be eligible. Keen are registered suppliers with this scheme, so we can guide you through the application process based on our experiences. Many of our clients have utilised this great opportunity already and are now harvesting the great impact it has on their sales dashboard. 

The fund has been renewed for 2021 so if you’re still on the ropes about whether you need a website for your business, simply get in touch with us today and we have a non-committal chat!

Our full service marketing firm doesn’t simply offer only Web Development. Here at Keen, we specialize in driving leads, captivating audiences and generating sales through slick Design, strategic Digital Marketing comprehensive SEO; and top-notch Content Production. 

Feel free to browse through our portfolio and case studies. We look forward to hearing from you.