Diving into the deep

By Joe C

One of the recent websites launched by Keen is the Atlantis website. Atlantis is an established Diving Centre located in Marsalforn, Gozo and the website presents Atlantis as a leading scuba diving centre.

This is very clear from the extensive information, the online store and the variety of services that are being provided through the website. Furthermore, the site is kept fresh with regular blog posts featuring diving expeditions that are done by the Atlantis team.

One interesting component of the Atlantis site is the parallax scrolling, that Keen developers and designers used in creating the interface of the website. The underwater scenes and backgrounds move at a slower rate than the ‘fishes’ in the foreground and this results in a 3D more realistic effect as one is scrolling through the site.

The website provides the opportunity to look closely at the world of diving and focuses on the target market, i.e. people who are interested in diving and who are both beginners and professional divers.  In fact, the website is available in 5 different languages to cater for different foreign markets.

Central to all is a map of the Maltese islands, featuring the different dive sites that are located around the coast of the island of Gozo. The site has a high visual appeal through a vast selection of fantastic underwater shots. The modern design of the site and the clever use of icons and highly visible colour buttons lead the visitor to discover more info until he or she is ready to contact the company to make an enquiry.

The website is also a great source of information about the diving courses. Atlantis offers a broad variety of courses ranging from the PADI courses, CMAS & VDST courses and the BSAC courses. To these one has to add the speciality courses, and other aspects of diving like accompanied diving, unaccompanied diving and technical diving.

In order to cater for its market, Atlantis provides comprehensive services including airport transfers, accommodation facilities, car hire and tours. Site visitors can interact with the website to start the process of booking their diving holiday.  The site also includes an online store selling diving equipment and links to different social media platforms on which Atlantis has a presence.

Click here to visit the Atlantis website.