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Yippee Malta

The brief

Memorable experiences with a twist

The client, who at the initial kick off didn’t have a brand name, website or digital presence yet, intended to launch a dynamic new tour company across the Maltese islands, offering new concepts and striking convenience through never before seen Tuk-Tuk tours around Gozo and other distinct experiences. So, the business needed a name, a strong brand positioning, a user-oriented website and an integrated marketing strategy to hit the ground running. Whilst acknowledging the importance of collaboration with established local stakeholders, a strong digital focus was envisioned to facilitate the desired brand exposure during the launch phase and help craft a dynamic accessible brand appearance to drive potential customers to the business, creating a buzz of excitement around this new venture.

The challenge

Early birds catch the worms

This bold business had to launch itself into an already heaving marketplace and so needed an immediate strong identity and focus, followed by an awareness raising, rousing online and offline marketing strategy. We loved the idea of what they were bringing to the islands and our passionate marketeers and digital strategist delved into the novel concepts and devised an actionable digital plan to laser target the local and foreign audience, steering these  prospects right where they can book. One major component of the digital efforts involved SEO to attain greater visibility towards the audience, with a high buyer intent, searching for experiences and services around the brand’s offering.

SEO report after 6 months

The strategy

Driving genuine connections that convert

Motivating users to action, demands persuasive content that touches their hearts, wishes and concerns. Our market research strategists scrutinized the marketplace, studying prime competitors, substitutes and peers abroad their geographical coverage, pricing structure and digital endeavours so as to support the new brand with a compelling strategic communication plan that delivers results. Whilst ensuring a user-friendly flawless booking process suiting the operational procedures and requirements, our team build a strong foundation with instantly delivering Google Search Ads and constantly increasing search engine rankings. Furthermore we crafted a highly visual and audio-visual content strategy to capture and capitalise the hunger for local authentic experiences off the beaten tracks, that extra mile and personalisation. The digital team deployed the content strategy with precise and strategic targeting for the defined markets and segments, bolstered by the setup on established third party providers of trust such as TripAdvisor.


Gearing Up Well Branding, Research & Strategy.

Collaborating with the client, we created a fun and instantly memorable name for the business, we crafted the brand concept with its guidelines and put our sleeves up for the crucial research and strategic planning phase to set the sails.


Getting Set Design, Develop, Film & Produce.

Our web team custom designed and developed the multilingual website using WordPress and its Gutenberg Editor, which at that time was avantgarde, yet we took on this challenge to provide our client with a solid, future proofed solution. If filming with a drone, photoshoots at the sea or crafting food menus, vehicle stickers and illustrated maps, the Yippee brand got ready to roll.


In Full Swing across Seasons Digital Marketing & Constant Enhancement.

We set up YouTube Campaigns, cost-effective and great for generating brand awareness. The Facebook and Instagram strategy comprised a strategic content plan and a collection of campaigns, amongst others targeting people favouring outdoor pursuits and or on holiday in Malta and Gozo, families with children. Once the website picked up the desired traffic, we re-targeted the prospects on social channels and the Google Display network, as they continued browsing for their interests aiming to drive more conversion. The Google Search Campaigns drove valuable visitors searching with high buyer intent keywords such as ‘tours in Gozo’ to the website. Constant analytical review on content gaps, targeting opportunities and other crucial factors fuel the enhancement process and drive a steady growth for success.

The execution

Getting into the game

The well prepared strategic plan and highly digital driven encounter facilitated  instant exposure, insights and optimisation alongside the integrated marketing dynamics. Following soft launch of the website, our digital team ran an on-page and off-page SEO campaign to rank on the first page of Google for competitive search terms thereby creating a regular flow of leads all year round besides the scheduled campaigns. Our designers created Yippee’s promotional merchandise –  making an immediate impact and engaging customers with cost-effective, eye catching brochure holders that make one smile at first encounter with the brand, out of the ordinary and memorable.

The result

Fun, Funner, Yippee

The brand Yippee Malta, the fleet of characterful vehicles, supported by its bespoke digital marketing strategy swiftly entered into the buzzing market, capturing interest, converting bookings and delivering great experiences that resonated. Keeping the target audience in the forefront of all efforts, the achieved brand awareness, the engagement on digital contents and the raw numbers of leads and bookings protrudes.

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