Sports Betting Site – Increasing High Intent Traffic by 167%

sports betting website

The brief

Improving high intent page ranking

The client approached Keen to help them drive more organic traffic into the betting section of their sports website. The website had good traffic and rankings for informational and news content but was struggling to rank for betting (commercial) content.

The challenge

Improving content & fix tech issues

The betting section of the website was bloated with expired bookmaker offers content, which was also cannibalizing the evergreen pages.
The evergreen content pages had very generic content with little expertise. Some of the content was plagarised from other website.
The website did not have a proper hierarchical structure, every page was set under the news category eg: .
The website had some technical issues like broken links, redirect loops and pages canonicalised to a target that is non indexable.
We also felt that the toplist was not very well optimised for conversions.

Hundreds of pages targeting the same keywords causing keyword cannibalisations.
The website was getting very little traffic to these high intent pages.


The Strategy

Creating SEO optimised content & build high quality links

Crawling the website and fix all the technical issues throughout the whole site, together with the client’s dev team.
Improved the look and feel of the toplist design.
Creating a new betting related folders – /betting/ /betting/tips /betting/odds and moving all the betting related content on that folder.
Creating a new /betting/guides section with 26 new informational pages for example: what is an accumulator bet? , football betting guide, how are betting odds calculated?
Audited every single piece of content using tools like and
Creating content briefs for each page that needed to be improved. These SEO briefs give specific guidelines to the writer.
Improved the meta titles and descriptions of each page – made them more intriguing for users to click on them. For example adding the %%currentmonth%% %%currentyear%% in the title helps improve the CTR.
Created an internal linking strategy and implemented it. Apart from resolving all the orphan pages issues this gave high intent pages a much needed boost.
Built 36 high quality links to the /betting section of the website using our link building services

The Execution

Meeting deadlines

To execute the SEO strategy in a timely and collaborative manner, the team established a clear goal of doubling the traffic by the 7th month. This goal was broken down into smaller, daily tasks that were assigned to different team members, ensuring that everyone had a clear understanding of what was expected of them.


The project manager played a crucial role in keeping everyone on track, monitoring progress, and ensuring that all deliverables were met on time. By utilizing project management tools such as Freedcamp and communication tools such as Slack, the team was able to collaborate effectively and efficiently, regardless of their location.

In addition to assigning tasks and tracking progress, the team worked together to identify potential roadblocks and find solutions to overcome them. By keeping an open and transparent dialogue, everyone was able to contribute their ideas and expertise to help achieve the common goal.


Overall, the successful execution of the SEO strategy was a result of a collaborative effort from all team members, the project manager’s leadership, and the effective use of project management and communication tools.

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The result

Exceeding expectations

We executed the full strategy in 7 months. At the 7th month, we saw an increase in organic traffic to the betting section of the website 167%, outbound click percentage increased by 43%. The betting section of the website continued to grow even after we executed the full strategy.

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