Monsoon – taking Maltese fashion by storm


The brief

Marketing Monsoon in Malta

The UK-based franchise fashion brand, Monsoon clothing are renowned for their authentic bohemian, hand-loomed, bright and colourful fashion and accessories. The company approached Keen as they wanted to attain

the desired brand perception and grow appreciation for its unique styles and responsible sourcing, across the female audience in Malta whilst increasing sales and help gear up for a new store opening in the heart of Sliema.


The challenge

Educating on ethical fashion

The challenge was to put the topic ethical retailing in local consumers minds and to engage their conscience prior to the purchase. We had to convey the concept of what Monsoon stands for and how important it is for the brand to source responsibly from third world countries. Our team of marketeers strategically planned how to promote this aspect of the brand, by highlighting the success of their story – selling unique artisan clothing and making this instantly resonate with local consumers. Beyond all, our marketers had to keep the upcoming store opening at sight and work closely with the retailer to assure that both campaigns, integrate smartly and synergise at best to drive the desired results.

The strategy

Making moral fashion choices!

Because the brand is a fashion collection, digital marketing and social media platforms offer a great visual opportunity for promoting the clothing collection, whilst generating a buzz around related topics towards the defined target audience. Our marketers set up an Instagram page to promote Monsoon further and to continue penetrating the Maltese market – promoting their authentic colourful clothing collection. Our social media team welcomed local influencers with a great and suitable followership on social channels to join and amplify the right exposure, aligning them with the brand’s values to elevate brand recognition. The highly digital campaign was an effective way of showcasing the visual and aesthetic beauty of the clothing collection, whilst also championing the human story of how these clothes came to life. Complementing and strengthening this campaign, the promotion of the new shop opening kicked in, organised with attention to detail and set out to become a memorable event.


Getting behind the brand.

At the initial stages of the campaigns, our creative minds had to fully immerse in the brand, its values, mission, research around the topic, market and competitive set to be able to build up a strategic communication plan that achieves the best outcomes for our core targets.


Making Monsoon matter!

Our team embraced the insights and emotion of the topic to start planning out the details of the campaigns, segments, targeting, messages, visuals and much more. We then had to get the best possible set up to sharply integrate the overall shop opening to get maximum exposure and resonance whilst at the same time boosting the educational awareness campaign.


Marketing clothing with a conscience.

Once the event plan was mapped out, our strategy was ready to unveil to build brand recognition, create more awareness around ethical fashion and get the new shop launched with a bang. Digital insights empowered our digital team to enhance campaigns along the way to achieve higher and utilise the marketing budget at best.

The Execution

Getting social about moral fashion

Using social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, our team was populating relevant content regularly to engage and boost Monsoon’s followers, whilst triggering conversations around the weighty topic. The selected influencers were encouraged to share pictures of themselves wearing Monsoon clothing and contributing actively to the conversation. The brand goes hand in hand with new ‘millenials’ and therefore influencers were chosen carefully in order to attract a younger demographic i.e. Jade Zammit Stevens, Victoria Rotchenkova, Taryn Mamo Cefai, Tamara Webb – it’s been a great success. The launch of the new store turned out fantastic befitting the brand. A hip fashion photographer was onsite, we live streamed the event on social media and created an additional hype with a digital competition tying in consumers  and their smartphones to elevate exposure and excitement with a special reduction on the NEW collection.

The result

A fashion forward moment for Monsoon!

The fashion retailer has increased their followership and engagement on popular social media platforms in the local market. We have achieved genuine conversations and exposure around the topic of ethical fashion across channels and kicked off the new store with a bang – great attendance, positive vibes and effective promotion to the local target audience. There is more to Monsoon than just the clothes and we are thrilled that our integrated campaigns resulted in a huge turnover in sales for the retailer.

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