Brighter brand awareness for this lighting and electrical retailer

Elektra Web

The brief

Re-energizing Elektra’s brand

Elektra, one of Malta’s oldest and most renowned electrical and lighting specialists in Malta has reached out to our team to create a new website with online shop for its electrical, lighting and technical products of world-leading brands. Once getting started on the new website project, our collaboration evolved dynamically and we discussed further digital solutions and digital marketing endeavours the company envisioned to market their premium and affordable brands, luxury projects and expert services towards the local audience. The Elektra team enlisted the help of Keen Ltd to secure broader consumer awareness and achieve the desired brand positioning towards the domestic retail market and ultimately increase footfall in the showroom, driven by a key focus on digital marketing.



The challenge

Lighting up the right angle for success

Keen’s designers were commissioned to overhaul Elektra’s company website, making it mobile responsive, modern and user friendly whilst incorporating Elektra’s corporate identity and a fresh neat appearance. The project had to be split in two phases, whereas the first one brings the professional new corporate presence to life and the second phase comprises the e-commerce component with full integration of Elektra’s stock management system.


Our marketers, SEO and social media experts were briefed with devising and implementing an integrated digital marketing strategy for the upcoming months. With limited insights into former digital campaigns, our team had to start out with identifying, segmenting and targeting the desired audience with the sparking content through the right channels and platforms at the best time.

The strategy

Integrated concepts that shine bright

The phase one conclusion of the website was projected around one month prior to the Black Friday hype, so our marketers kicked off the strategic marketing plan for Elektra with bright resonance. Our digital marketing team used a selection of channels to reach out to Elektra’s target audience using both social media platforms and Google’s search engine, targeting the researched keywords and contents with the right copy in order to drive prospects to the Elektra website. The integrated marketing campaign, comprised the exploitation of publication tools Facebook and Instagram offer, promotional efforts from boosted content over targeted ads to messenger campaigns, re-marketing and competitions and much more. A joint organic and paid content plan to publicise in- store promotions, share expert insights and drive educational consumer focused content through vlogs, blogs and animated videos developing to a dynamic multi-dimensional brand experience.


Besides social efforts, Keen put great focus on search engines such as Google to drive valuable traffic from google search advertising targeting high buyer intent search terms. Furthermore our team assured to integrate effective reach campaigns through the google display network, ultimately appearing on popular websites of Elektra’s defined segments with dynamic relevant ads such as news sites and even YouTube. A crucial ingredient, Keen’s SEO team assured to factor in was the focus on onpage and offpage optimisation required to get the Elektra website right up where it belongs and prospects search for its products and services.

Google Ranking

Enlightening the Elektra experience.

We carried out in-depth research, assessing Elektra’s website and studying the efficiency and results of their current marketing strategy, evaluating  these insights against their local & international competition. It was time to gear up for a new website concept involving a technical spec document, wireframes and the actual UI design.


Buzzing up for the big launch.

As the new website design came to life, our digital marketing strategy was in full preparation swing. From championing technical excellence and local talent up to promoting exclusive brands and products that carry attributes of innovation, premium quality and craftsmanship, our team built on Elektra’s reputation to help drive sincere connections of trust and acquire new clients across Malta.


User-focused content that beams.

Following a thorough testing phase for the new Elektra website, we were ready to go out there and shine. Sparking audio-visual content, sharp targeting, captivating projects that wowed the audience – we focussed on the defined segments to cover user-oriented topics whilst reinforcing Elektra as the ‘go to’ brand for electrical and lighting advice. Our team constantly analyses running campaigns, explores content gaps and looks beyond to map out the next strategic move to maximise results.

The Execution

Wiring up well

Aiming to reach higher and achieve more together, our team geared up to a holistic project entailing the relaunch of brand’s web presence and a strategic digital marketing exploitation complementing the offline efforts conducted by its in-house marketing team. Based on a close liaison with the Elektra team throughout the project phases, we assured that the new direction was in line with the requirements of all stakeholders and transmitted the desired brand appearance. Comprehensive market research to better understand consumer perceptions, the local marketplace, the current brand positioning and peers abroad, helped craft an effective actionable project plan to execute and succeed for both the residential and commercial sector.

The result

A staunch brand that sparks

Whilst having succeeded in getting a consistent professional brand experience across media channels, the new website has been gaining visitors steadily ever since the day of the launch. Elektra is now utilising digital channels to seek customer’s feedback and even promotes user-generated content, drive conversations and build genuine relationships that last, that carry trust and facilitate unlimited opportunities for recommendations. Getting in forefront of the right audience with the right message when they are most likely to buy or inquire is core to Elektra’s brand positioning and produces great results. In the first 12 months, we achieved great exposure.

268 K+ Views
Google My Business
1.2 M+ Imp.s
Google & YouTube Campaigns
2.7 M+ Reach
Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

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