Keen at Advertising Week London: Highlights and Takeaways

By Gilbert Ross

Advertising Week Europe, the pinnacle of industry events, geared up for an exciting 2024 edition, marking their 10 year anniversary. With more than 7,000 attendees, this event was the ultimate gathering for marketers and advertisers seeking to stay ahead of the curve. This year, they unveiled a brand-new experience at a new venue: 180 Studios in London making the event a truly iconic one. 

A Stellar Line-Up of Speakers and Panels

The essence of Advertising Week Europe lies in its ability to bring together a diverse array of speakers, including industry titans, innovative tech leaders, and creative gurus. Some great minds amidst the many were Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman at Ogilvy UK), Damien Bernet (VP at Netflix), Dan Elton (CCO at ASOS), Jamie & Sophie Lang (Entrepreneurs), Chris Wright (Head of Sales at Vevo), Daniel Glynn (Programmatic Lead at Heineken), Zara McDermott (Content Creator), Stacey Solomon (Entrepreneur and Content Creator) and many others. These experts shared their insights and foresight, providing a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and future trends in advertising and marketing. All panels were engaging and interesting, delving into the most pressing topics and offering a wealth of knowledge.

Diverse Zones for a Tailored Experience

The event was organized into different zones, each designed to cater to specific interests and areas of expertise. This year’s zones include:

  • Entertainment Zone: Dedicated to the art of storytelling and content creation, emphasizing the importance of engaging, narrative-driven content.
  • Innovation Zone: Where the most influential figures will deliver keynote addresses and major announcements.
  • Tech Zone: A hub for cutting-edge technology and futuristic concepts, showcasing how AI and other advancements are revolutionizing the industry.
  • Scale Up Lounge: A dedicated workshop and lounge area that focused on helping businesses grow and develop as leaders in their respective industry. 

AI: The Future of Advertising

A significant focus at Advertising Week Europe 2024 was on the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a powerful tool that is reshaping the advertising landscape. Most talks and panels pivoted around the use of AI and how it can be utilized to save time and enhance efficiency, particularly when it comes to research. By automating data analysis and providing actionable insights, AI allows marketers to focus on strategy and creativity.

Another key discussion revolving around AI was how the latter’s ability to analyze massive datasets swiftly and accurately, uncovering trends and patterns that would take humans considerably longer to identify can be done in a few hours. This capability is invaluable for crafting data-driven strategies that can significantly improve campaign outcomes.

The Imperative of Content Creation

While AI offers incredible technical capabilities, the heart of advertising remains compelling content. This year, numerous sessions highlighted the importance of content creation in today’s market. In a world inundated with information, brands need to create content that not only captures attention but also tell a captivating story.

Speakers emphasised that storytelling is crucial for building emotional connections with audiences. Whether through video, social media, blogs, or other mediums, content must resonate on a personal level to foster brand loyalty and engagement. The adage “content is king” remains as relevant as ever, and the sessions provided invaluable tips on how to craft content that stands out.

The Perfect Blend: AI and Content

The intersection of AI and content creation were indeed a prominent theme. AI can enhance content strategies by providing deep insights into audience behavior and preferences, enabling brands to tailor their messages more effectively. This fusion of data-driven intelligence and creative storytelling is seen as the future of advertising.


Advertising Week Europe 2024 was an incredibly enlightening experience, unveiling essential knowledge and new tools crucial for today’s advertising landscape. In an industry as fast-paced and ever-changing as advertising, attending such a significant conference was a privilege. We are eager to apply the insights and strategies we gained to our clients’ projects.