A proud Maltese heritage

By John

Helping an artisan brand with a modern digital approach

D Goldline Malta has become a go-to shop for tourists in Mdina for many years. Ever since the start of the collaboration between the Desira brothers in 1971, the company has excelled in producing high-quality jewellery with particular attention to Malta’s historic symbols, namely the Maltese Cross. The brand boasts artisan jewellery which ranges from pendants, bangles, earrings, rings, lapel pins, cufflinks, and many more.

A shiny look and feel for DGoldline

After 50 years in operation, the directors felt that the company needed a rebranding to keep up with the active competition. They approached the creatives at Keen for the ideation and design of a modern and chic logo. Together, we felt that the brand needed to encourage and take the leap in supporting their craftsmanship and expertise.  

The brand’s vision is to help local and foreign customers genuinely connect with the long-standing heritage background it stands for. Hence, the incorporation of the Maltese cross in the new logo has become the winning concept, the client favoured. The premium quality of the products and service delivered by the team of DGoldline, is conveyed through a touch of gold shade in the new brand appearance.

The crafted brand identity design shall empower D Goldline to successfully penetrate its desired target segments in the market, by boldly launching a powerful logo that symbolises expertise and local artisanship.   

Polishing up for digital platforms & online shopping

After successfully designing the new brand visuals, together we discussed complementing recommendations for the future success of DGoldline. Priority was given to the launch of an engaging digital presence through a modern online shop fully custom designed and developed by Keens technical experts. At core, the project brief comprised of empowering both locals and foreigners to purchase their favourite pieces quick and simple from the comfort of their current location.

The website’s wireframe and user interface design consistently reinforce the heritage aspect, whilst carefully incorporating the Maltese map. As a result, the relationship between the products and territory appears in an instant. Adhering to the branding guidelines, the website was designed in a highly user-focused and SEO manner that can easily convert sales on an international scale. We also sectioned off important facets within the business and gave each jewellery section its due prominence.

The custom developed website is split into respective shopping categories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc. Matching with each product range is a variety of styles, materials, colours and price ranges, as applicable to user preferences. We assured that the navigation is straightforward and that targeted users can access the information that is most important to them at ease without any stumbling blocks. 

Trending products

This section provides the user with the most popular jewellery which are mostly sought after by the brand’s customers. The website’s administrator can switch trending products up at all times, depending on rising trends and latest favourites.


Each category provides the user with a filtering section consisting of product categories, material, colour, style, earring style, sale and price, which makes it easier for the user to focus on what interests them.

Wish List

The wish list allows shoppers to create personalised collections of products they wish to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. Wish lists signify a customer’s interest in a product without an immediate intent to purchase. The wish list offers the option of sending reminders to incentivise the completion of their purchase and allows the company interesting insights for customer-centric product and communications development.

Payment Options

Together with the client, we felt the need that the website should include at least 2 payment option possibilities for the users and thus we implement the checkout process with PayPal and Card Payment Integration. Both payment options facilitate GDPR compliance and thus resulting in the checkout process being safe and secure.

SEO based website

Being a digital-driven agency, we understand that an SEO service is the epitome and, thus, designing and developing a website based on search engine fundamentals is a necessity. Fundamentals such as having dedicated category landing pages with respective URL structures are incorporated so that dgoldline.com is recognised easily by search engines and can rank in the best positions eventually.  

The project was co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds Programme 2014-2020. The fund is aimed at helping businesses to develop online e-commerce platforms so as to support their business ventures. We assisted the client with any related administrative requirements as a part of this project.

A multisensory experience

Once the online shop successfully launched, we started focusing on the digital brand positioning and further exposure for D Goldine. Our team laid out valuable strategies for social campaigns, to promote the new website and deliver a valuable return on investment. Together, we targeted specific demographics in Malta and beyond, created different ad sets for A/B testing purposes and optimized the campaigns to maximise the results.

The campaigns helped the website reach a significant amount of website traffic, especially through event-linked campaigns such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on. Campaigns converted to sales and helped the D Goldline reach a broader brand awareness successfully.

This is only the beginning as D Goldline is expanding further and we are certain that the future for this brand looks bright!

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